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Forever Yours

Forever Yours
Tutorial written by and © to Bits N Bobs 13th January 2011
You are not allowed to share/forward or translate this tutorial or place it on any blog or website.
This tutorial is written from my own ideas and any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Tutorial is for those with a working knowledge of paintshop pro.

Supplies needed.
Font of choice for your name.
I am using Island of Misfit Toys.
Font Impact for writing.
Tube of  choice , I am using Scarlett by Jamie kidd
Artwork is not to be used without the correct Licence.
Penta.com - Dots and cross  - Garbage collection
Mask 341 by vix
Scrap kit All for Love by Bits N Bobs
Items I am using from this scrap kit are
AFL Paper 1, AFL Paper 3, AFL23, AFL13, AFL60,
For the animation you will need animation shop.
This tutorial was written in PSP 9
Copy any masks to your psp masks folder
Open all other supplies in paintshop except the font.
Double click on your font and minimize.

1.  Re-size your paper to 500 x 500, copy.
Open a new image 500 x 500 @ 72 pixels/inch
Paste your paper as a new layer.

2.  Layers/ load/save mask/ Load mask from disk,
Look for mask Vix_Mask341 and load with the settings in the screen shot below.
Layers/ merge/ merge group

3.  Re-size your AFL23 to 450 pixels wide,
copy, paste as a new layer,
position to your liking.
Using your magic wand hold your shift key and
select the centre of both hearts.
Selections/ modify/ expand by 5.
Layers/ new raster layer, Layers/ arrange/ move down.
Re-size AFL paper 3 to 450 pixels wide,
copy, paste into selection, selections/ select none.
Activate your hearts frame, Leyers/ Merge/ merge down.
Add a drop shadow of choice.
My settings remain the same throughout and I use...
V 3, H 3, O 100, B 9.0, Colour #000000

4.  Re-size AFL13 to 250 pixels high.
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Position to your liking.
Add a drop shadow.

5.  Activate your mask  layer.
Re-size AFL60 to 350 pixels high.
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Layers/ Arrange/ Brint to the top.
Position to your liking.
Add a dropshadow.
Layers/ Arrange/ move down.

6.  Activate your top layer.
Re-size your tube if needed.
I have re-sized mine to 350 pixels high.
Position to your liking and add a drop shadow.

7.  Layers/ new raster layer.
Using the font Impact, Floating, size 48, colour of choice,
type a word of  your choosing in capitals.
While still selected go to Effects/ plugins/ penta.com/ Dots and cross
Amount:72, Cross Distance: 10, Cross width: 2.
Selections/ Modify/ Expand by 5.
Layers/ new raster layer, flood fill with #ffffff.
Layers/ arrange/ move down.
Selections/ Modify/ Expand by 2.
Layers/ new raster layer, flood fill with #ac9778
Layers/ arrange/ move down.

8.  Layers/ merge/ merge visible.
Add all copy right info.
Add your name,export as png for transparent background
or jpg for a white background and save.

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