Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bits N Bobs - Turquoise Fantasy

Turquoise Fantasy

Tutorial written by and © to Bits N Bobs 24th February 2010
Results are for personal use only.
No monetry gain allowed and that includes placing them behind a paid or donation based membership area.
You are not allowed to share/forward or translate any of my tutorials or place them on any blog, website, DVD or anywhere else without my permission.
These tutorials are written from my own ideas and any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
All tutorials are for those with a working knowledge of paintshop pro.
I reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.

Supplies needed.
Font of choice for your name.
I am using Caramel Candy
Mask 396 by vix
Tube or artwork of choice.
I am using the one from the kit.
Scrap kit A turquoise fantasy from Bits N Bobs
Please use the following copyright info if using the tube from the kit © Bits N Bobs
I am using .......
Fairy tube, paper 4, Doodle, Corner, Butterfly, Wordart,

This tutorial was written in PSP 9
Copy the mask to your psp masks folder
Open all other supplies in paintshop except the font.
Double click on your font and minimize.

1.Open a new image, 500 x 500 at 72 dpi.
 Re-size paper 4 to 400 pixels wide, copy, paste as a new layer.
Layers/ Load/save mask/ load mask from disk,
Look for Vix-mask396 and load, Invert transparency unchecked.
Layers/ merge/ merge group

2.Re-size the doole to 400 pixels wide.
Copy paste as a new layer.
Add a dop shadow.
I will be using the same throughout.
V 3, H 3, O 70, B 9, Colour # 000000

3.Re-size the corner to 150 pixels high, copy, paste as a new layer.
Position to what you think is the bottom left hand corner of your masked paper.
Layers/ duplicate, Image/ flip, layers/ merge/ merge down.
Layers/ Duplicate, Image/ mirror, Layers/ merge/ merge down.
Add a drop shadow using the same settings as before.

4.Re-size the butterfly to 150 pixels high.
Copy, paste, position to your liking.
Add a drop shadow.

5.Re-size your tube to 400 pixels high.
Copy, paste as a new layer, position to your liking.
Add a drop shadow.

6.Re-size your word art to 280 pixels wide.
Copy, paste as a new layer, position to your liking.
Add a drop shadow.
I changed my settings for this to
V 1, H 1, O 100, B 2.0

7.Layers/ merge/ merge visible
Add a new raster layer and add your copyright info and name.
Export as a png for transparent background or jpg for a white background and save.

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