Thursday, 5 May 2011

If All The Boys

If All The Boys

Tutorial written by and © to Bits N Bobs 5th May 2011.
Results are for personal use only.
No monetry gain allowed and that includes placing them behind a paid or donation based membership area.
You are not allowed to share/forward or translate any of my tutorials or place them on any blog, website, DVD or anywhere else without my permission.
These tutorials are written from my own ideas and any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
All tutorials are for those with a working knowledge of paintshop pro.
I reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.

Supplies needed.
Font of choice for your name.
I am using Pieces of Eight
Tube of  choice.
I am using  one  by Guy Powers
Mine is GP1141 - Mermaid and available at UpYourArt
Tube is not to be used without the correct licence
You will also need my zip of supplies available here
These are re-coloured items from my Splash of colour kit so please do not share them.
Do not use them in other tutorials please unless you have purchased the kit.

This tutorial was written in PSP 9.
Open all supplies in paintshop except the font.
Double click on your font and minimize.
Open a new image, 500 w x 500 h at 72 dpi.

1.Copy the 1st element, paste as a new layer onto your working image,
position to your liking, rename layer to 2.
Copy the 2nd element, paste as a new layer onto your working image,
position into the centre, rename layer to 3.

2.Un-hide the Mermaid from your tube image,
copy, paste as a new layer onto your working image.
Re-size the mermaid to 400 pixels wide, all layers un-tabbed.
 Position to your liking, rename layer to 4.
Using your lassoo tool cut away the piece of the tail covering the 2nd element.
See Screenshot below.

3.Add a new raster layer, rename layer to 5.
Using your lassoo tool with the following settings
Selection type: Freehand, Mode: Replace, Feather: 0, Smoothing: 0, Anti-alias tabbed
draw an area to create your sand as in screenshot below.

Flood fill with a sandy colour.
I am using #ebd4bc.
Adjust/ Add/Remove Noise/ Add Noise
Gaussian tabbed, 41%, Monochrome tabbed.

Adjust/ Blur/ Guassian blur, Radius: 1.00
Selections/ Select none.
Layers/ Arrange/ Move Down.
Position to your liking.

4.Activate your burn brush settings as in screenshot below.

Starting under the mermaids knee hold down your left mouse
button and drag along where the base of her legs and body
meet the sand all the way to the tips of her fingers.
You will see this area darkening.
Continue doing this until you are happy with the shadow
you have created. Clever huh ?

5.Copy the 3rd element, paste as a new layer and
position to your liking, rename as 6.
Copy the 4th element, paste as a new layer and
position to your liking, rename as 7.
Layers/ Arrange/ Bring to the top.
Selections/ Select all/ float/ de-float.
Selections/ modify/ expand, expand by 3.
Add a new raster layer, flood fill the selection with white # ffffff
You may need to flood fill the selection several times for a solid white.
Layers/ Arrange/ Move down.
Activate 7, Layers/ merge/ merge down, rename back to 7

6.Add any drop shadows if you want them.
I haven't added any other than the shading with the burn tool.
Layers/ Merge/ Merge visible.
Add all copyright info, export and save as a transparent png.

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